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CIO Vendor HR leaders and managers today are on the lookout for talented people to staff projects swiftly, without having to rely on channels of recruitment and allocation that are not exact or agile. Likewise, employees and job seekers also wish to realize their career aspirations, either within their organization or outside. Often, these turn into challenges that HR functions grapple with on a regular basis.

Headquartered in Bangalore, EdGE Networks Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative HR technology solutions provider, focused on helping organizations meet their talent-related challenges.
EdGE provides specialized solutions capable of infiltrating masses of complicated data to provide quick, sharp insights that help organizations optimize talent acquisition and workforce management methods.

“Our product and solutions are built to enable HR organizations lead with data and intelligence. By adding an intelligence layer on HR systems, we are able to significantly improve workforce availability, billing, allocation and drive straight bottom line impacts,”says Arjun Pratap CEO & Founder.

The magic is created by harnessing Natural Language Processing algorithms and a powerful skill repository built as an Artificial Neural Network. HIREalchemy, the platform from EdGE Networks thus helps customers understand what their people are today – and infer what they can become tomorrow. Further, people analytics and sharp insights empower workforce optimization, using both structured and unstructured data from a variety of sources.
EdGE has demonstrated a 300 percent increase in portal utilization through its Auto Sourcing; 58 percent reduction in time to shortlist candidates; and a 28 percent conversion rate from recommendation to actual joinees.

In the area of internal workforce optimization, EdGE has been successful in increasing supply visibility by 4 times and a marked 36 percent increase in allocation via project manager. Additionally, clients enjoyed 51 percent reduction in allocation failures and 33 percent improvement in fulfilling external requisitions with internal people. “In short, we make Right Person for the Right Job a reality, and thereby transform an organization’s workforce,” adds Arjun.

Proving an EdGE to next-gen Talent Acquisition and Workforce Optimization

A product innovation partner with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) of India, EdGE leverages a team of experts in Artificial intelligence, Semantic Analysis, Data Science, Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling, to work with clients like Wipro, TeamLease and HCL in the area of IT/ITES. Recognized by Wipro as the “Best Innovation Partner” in 2014 and by HCL as “Recruitment Partner of the Year 2015-16”, EdGE is all set to foray in to verticals such as BFSI, Healthcare, Retail and Hospitality. “We intend to build the world’s largest de facto skill development platform as a step to helping our country reap its promised demographic dividend,” concludes Arjun.

As the company tagline suggests, here’s to Infinite Possibilities!