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CIO Vendor The promises of ERP have stirred many businesses to implement ERP to streamline their workflow and operations. However, not all ERP solutions reap the same benefits; as these solutions inevitably bring in the risk of organizations’ failure in terms of lost productivity and delayed deliveries. In addition, the composition of hardware requirements in ERP solutions have elevated the cost of implementation and decreased the productivity of companies. Addressing these pain points, Scientech Technologies, headquartered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, delivers Secura ERP, an affordable ERP solution that is flexible with minimal hardware requirements to enable customers to adapt to changing business needs.

In spite of ERP solutions’ significant usage in manufacturing and retail industry, these solutions are not capable of tracing any technical glitches in the early stages of production. Consequently, the supervisory fails to respond immediately to these disruptions. Besides reducing the inventory cost and storing expenditure, Secura ERP detects technical glitch in manufacturing and enables early fixing of disruptions and prevents customer dissatisfaction. “The “one size fits all” concept does not exist in ERP implementations – each industry has its unique business demand and so is the case with each department of an industry. Secura is tailor-made for the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail and services, including customized business solution for a comprehensive range of industries and vertical markets”, says Arvind Mishra, Software Manager, Scientech Technologies.
Secura encompasses latest technologies and smart GUI and aids the users of the organization in boosting the efficiency and growth. While the critical ERP benefits can boost the success ratio of any project, ERP solutions do not guarantee a tight security in accessibility. The ERP system is becoming the system with high vulnerability and high confidentiality in which the security remains a critical parameter. Many ERP solution providers have failed to integrate the security into its solutions. With rising smart phone and tablet users in the business ecosystem, ERP security access can be tampered easily. Scientech has embedded tight security into Secura to allow high speed operation and accessibility without any infringement. “Affordability, accessibility, high speed operation, tight security, accuracy, up to 50 users license no extra cost, Smartphone support, Windows/ Linux & Mac operation, and extensive staff training are the features that differentiates Secura ERP over other ERP solutions”, adds Arvind.

Scientech aims to make customers happy who have undergone the pain of implementing expensive and time consuming ERP solutions

With in-depth understanding across various business functions, Scientech aims to make customers happy who have undergone the pain of implementing expensive and time consuming ERP solutions. The company delves in acute research on latest technologies to offer support services to small and mid size organizations globally. Spread across twelve different offices across the country, Scientech is gearing up to prove its mettle in the competitive market and soon will initiate its migration into the cloud with its affordable and customizable ERP solutions.