People Link-Innovating in Conferencing solutions to Achieve Equipment Freedom and Geographic Flexibi

CIO Vendor As the technology landscape is increasingly becoming mobile and employees are communicating across various ranges of mobile devices, organizations are deploying flexible and secured conferencing solutions. Presence of a communication platform provides tangible benefits which include efficiency and delivery to increase the productivity of the businesses. However, dependency on room reservation, complex conference UI and non-interoperability concerns are plaguing the communication platform. Peoplelink, headquartered in Hyderabad, taps the efficiency of communication platform and provides solutions customizable from Device based mass deployment for video enabling the entire workforce to Boardroom setups for scrums & team meetings to the extensive Ultra HD Telepresence setups to ensure high productivity in business.

“People link has changed the way Tele Health & Education business used to function allowing them to achieve equipment freedom and geographic flexibility with our flagship product "people link HDVC", says Damanjeet Kaur, Director, Marketing and Media Communications, Peoplelink.

Communication technology is playing a crucial role in connecting the health care providers to the remotest corner of the world, and video conferencing solutions is bridging the gap between the doctor and the patient. Telemedicine sector is witnessing rapid changes in India with the advances in the conferencing solutions market. But these vital changes are being plagued by some major challenges. There has been a resistance in this technology due to low bandwidth, no infrastructure at rural levels, inability to communicate full niceties about the patient’s condition and related health documents. Addressing this predicament, Peoplelink embraces the challenges in healthcare sector and provides a comprehensive health care suite which includes features like, Inbuilt Video Mixing, user camera, endoscopy/probe cameras which displays the vitals of patients to be shared with the remote medical consultant.
People link has been garnering the attention from every corner of India by carrying out live operation without any IT infrastructure in a remote village of UP.

In the field of higher education, video conferencing is an important aspect that has revamped and transformed the classroom learning but rising cost of higher education puts constant pressure on the administrators to maximize technology for next –generation. e-Podium, projectors integrated with People link’s video solution helps in empowering the teaching community and scaling educational institutions globally.

Peoplelink taps the efficiency of communication platform and provides solutions customizable from Device based mass deployment for video

People link‘s encrypted solutions ensure consistency in quality even at low bandwidths. “Our strength lies in the technology and the features that we offer to ensure an optimal usage of the available resources without compromising on the quality”, quotes Damanjeet.

With a vision of delivering inimitable benefits to the businesses through its cost effective conferencing and infrastructure solutions, the organization is planning to expand and target Telcos for cloud hosted offering across more than 180 countries in next three years. “We are expanding our operations to ensure, businesses to benefit from our offerings by mitigating their current challenges which are causing them to limit their adoption of video collaboration”, concludes Damanjeet.