Adopt IoT to embrace the Technology Revolution

Raj Khemani, VP-IT, Clariant

With technology advances being made and augmenting by the second, the transition from an analog and manually operated world to a completely digitized and automated one isn’t too far. Having said that I foresee a typical day for myself 5 years from now, where my day-to-day life will be ruled by the binary - bits and bytes of data.

Looking ahead, my day would commence with the digital alarm clock on my phone, this friend of mine knows my schedule for the day and accordingly knows how to pull me out of bed by reducing the snooze time and altering & amplifying its sound. Am out of bed alright, and as I proceed to the washroom, the sensors at its door buzz the sensor of my toothbrush to be in a ready mode. Once am done and I head down to the kettle in my pantry, the kettle automatically starts boiling water for tea, and this sure will be bliss for me. Deciding and dishing out a palatable and nutritious breakfast won’t be a task anymore as the body fat calculator will tell me exactly how much fat I ingested in the previous meal and how much of the balancing act needs to be exercised. Breakfast done and as I enter the washroom again, I just verbally instruct the water heater to heat water for me and bingo it is done. The wardrobe also, has sensors installed which decipher my instruction on the clothes I wish to wear on this day. As I proceed to my car and start the ignition with just a feather touch on the start button, I am instructed to select the destination and the route from a list of possible routes to my selected destination. It will show me the exact traffic condition on all the routes and thus, assist me in deciding the lesser congested one. Driving to work has never been comforting as now with me having to do little to control my mean machine. 

The drive to work wasn’t too long and as I approach the office premises, the gate sensors automatically open the gate for my car to drive in. The car automatically stalls on reaching the office and as I head out the hard-to-get lift on a busy morning is ready to take me high.

I reach my office and the access control installed at the door senses my vibrations and opens for me. My meetings scheduled for the day are all in front of me on the screen as I step in to my cabin. Meeting rooms are all booked depending on the meeting invitees and the duration set and the invites sent accordingly. Health is paramount to me and my phone does its duty flawlessly in prompting me at the stroke of 10:00AM that I need to have my medicine. An urgent call needs to be made to a business partner located at another time zone, and as I prompt my phone to do the needful, it promptly alerts me that the gentlemen out there is still in slumber land. After a while my phone starts dialing again and I am connected to this person once he is out of slumber.

As the day progresses lunch and tea are served at the due time as the phone automatically starts its meal-time alarms at a predefined time set and calculated on the basis of the breakfast time so the question of skipping the meals doesn’t arise.

Back home after a hectic day all one wants is a piping hot cup of coffee and with having to do nothing to get it. I just verbally instruct my coffee machine and it brews my favorite cuppa in a jiffy and signals me once it’s ready.

This is my day in a totally connected era, where I deliver more efficiency and output at work and outsource the mundane daily tasks to the machine. 

Welcome to the world of “Internet of Things”!

So this certainly means more data to be stored and analyzed periodically by the sensors.

It also, implies data being vulnerable to theft or insecurity, hence, making it essential to elevate the data security measures

The drawback of this over-dependence on technology can mean less employment for employees but it may be used to their advantage, if they hone their skills and perhaps be good data analyst or data scientists.

The Internet of Things is our ticket to the totally connected and inter-connected life that is our future a few years hence.
Let us all embrace this technology revolution with all our will and allow IoT to rule the roost.