Accelerating growth of Indian startups with changing IT domain

Alok Maheshwari, Head-IT, Terex India

1. Startup India is a clamor that is being heard across the world like never before. What is your take on the upsurge of start ups in the nation? 
 This new project from Indian Government could be a good start but it has 2 points: 1) How this would be launched , 2) How this will remain in the goverenment focus, that is yet to be seen in the months to come. Such projects does not give results in shorter period , so immediate results from such projects still need to be measured on barometer. As a new thougth, yes – i agree that it is the todays demand because govt cannot create much jobs based on their hands but such steps can really shape INDIA in future to come. It can create various type of job opportunities.

2. What do you think are the major roadblocks that Indian startups face? What are your possible suggestions to mitigate them?
 Policy makers does make the policy which seems to be very good but actual ground realities could be different. Implementation of policies is very difficult in the existing scenario. We should have one stop solution for all type of approvals at one place in a specified time manner. If the approval is getting delayed then reason should be well informed to concern for timely action. Startups must be given proper guidance from respective concerned bodies of its business nature, old experienced individuals from industry and interest free loans upto certain period must be provided for individuals / company.

3. How receptive do you think is the Indian market to the constantly evolving technology landscape?
 Indian market is really volatile for constantly evolving technology landscape. It is not very easy to have an adoption of technology because many things is happening at the same time and sometime the cost of technology is very high which does not get used by a common man. Since India has a mass population, we should provide such solution, which can be adopted by masses to make it cost effective at the initial level. But sooner or later, it has to be adopted by middle class people to gain volume to make it cost effective. 

4. An organization that intends to adopt an ERP solution will have to inspect and monitor the entire internal network to check for compatibility with the soon to be implemented ERP software. Although this will affect cost and time, do you think this step is important? If so why?
 Today it is not very important to have compatibility issues with one or the other. Everything can talk to each other in terms of integration because today mass volume can only be adopted if the new technology gets proper linkage facility in terms of APIs to get linked with ERP solution. Today not a single major ERP solution in the market has a capability to take care of organization’s need in full requirement. ERP need to get integrated with other third party solutions like business processes, technical collaboration with their OEM product for data sharing and analysis by other newly developed technology to enhance business and technology. Cost is one of the factors in this but technology supports each other to have a common ground to play on it. 

5. What changes do you think will the changing IT domain bring about in the way businesses operate in the nation?
 IT Domain will always be in lime light as without IT Domain nothing is possible in this world to support business. Make in India project or any other projects do require IT support to make it cost effective and informative to take faster decision for businesses. Many new things would happen in the future and this would lead to the issue of proper “Integration” with each other & it could be a major challenge for nation. IT Technological enhancements would definitely help many type of businesses running in nation or to be evolved in nation in times to come as today, no one can think of running the business without IT. How soon, we can achieve this that is yet to be seen. 

6. What is your advice to the young entrepreneurs out there?
 Advice to young entrepreneurs: Involve more experienced people for your industry, which you are going to drive in future. “Man hour Experience” counts a lot which cannot be replaced by the technology. You may have a sound technology to convert “A to X” but for Commercial, Business setup, Marketing, HR, Accounts and Legal setup sound knowledge is must to run a company. I had also noticed in the past that some young entrepreneurs have adopted this business model and their businesses are better controlled and have become profitable in a short span of time.